Local Services

Click for a link to some South Lanarkshire Council Disability Services.

Additional Support Needs

Describes the what Additionsal Support Needs are and links to SLCs Inclusion & Equality Policy

Additional Needs Schools

Lists additional support needs schools and schools with special units in South Lanarkshire

Children & Families

Describes the services available for children and families and lists related services with links to details for these

Equal Opportunities & Diversity

Describes the council’s approach to equal opportunities and diversity and lists related services with links to details for these.

Social Work Services

See also this page relating to Social Care and Health

Blue Badge Parking Permits

Council Tax Discounts & Exemptions

South Lanarkshire Leisure & Culture Ltd

South Lanarkshire Leisure Trust is a limited company responsible for the management and operation of Sports and Recreation Services on behalf of South Lanarkshire Council. See also their page on Disability Sport.