Our Services

The South Lanarkshire branch of the National Autistic Society is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who give up countless hours of their time to provide local services for as many people living with Autism as possible. Some of the regular services are listed below. Click on the group names for additional information.

  • Teen Social Group – A family group for teens on the spectrum, their parents and siblings which meets twice monthly (Age 11+)
  • Adult Coffee Club – A weekly opportunity for adults ¬†on the spectrum or going through diagnosis to meet for coffee and a chat. (Age 40+)
  • Adult Relaxation – We are currently trailing an adult relaxation session for those on the spectrum (Age 18+)
  • Drop In Session – We run a weekly drop in session for carers (and those on the spectrum) who need support. We have a program of speakers at these sessions.
  • Family Seminars – If you are in need of additional information then you can learn a great deal from our family seminars.

Throughout the year we also offer regular activities and trips.

We do have some plans for other age groups, but these are still in the planning stages or are in need of volunteers to run them.

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